There are a lot of reasons we all do the work we do. This time, I thought I’d share some of the reasons my colleagues and I not only remain in the recruiting industry, but why we enjoy it.

  1. People. The variety of people we meet with, talk with, email back and forth with, that is obviously a huge element of this position. It’d be hard to be a recruiter if you didn’t enjoy people, because people make our job! Whether we’re presenting someone a job that is better than the one they’re at, or just getting to know a new candidate and finding out more about them, the people in our business make it worthwhile. Having those few candidates that keep in touch, and knowing that we helped cultivate those relationships—those are great moments. As another colleague recently told me, “usually my favorite stories never involve ‘the biggest fees I ever earned’, they are usually ones where I really came through for either the candidate or the client, and just made their year with the perfect fit.”
  1. Challenges. Someone in our company put it just right: “recruiting keeps me on my toes; it challenges me to think independently and differently from my peers, because ultimately, it’s a competition.” And the challenges definitely abound. From meeting the expectations of a candidate, to meeting the needs of a client, keeping everyone happy, securing the right positions for the right people time after time—there is no end to the need for motivation in this job. Like another co-worker put it, “it’s the thrill of the hunt” that keeps us going. Recruiting is not for wimps or people who are afraid to step out on a limb. Every day is different.
  1. Flexibility. When you think about it, there really aren’t a ton of jobs that offer the flexibility that recruiting does. To an extent, being able to set your own hours as long as you’re getting your work done feels so liberating. And obviously, the awesome part is that it really comes down to a matter of self-motivation. If you want to earn the BIG deals, you have to do the big stuff. Those who slack off, lose out. So there’s flexibility, but recruiters really have more of a choice in how hard/how much they want to work. That’s pretty cool.
  1. Closing the deals. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have an amazing feeling of accomplishment (and relief) with each deal that I close. Knowing that you’ve succeeded in finding a candidate who meets or exceeds the client’s expectations, realizing the part you’ve played in helping someone find a job that they could not have found otherwise…what a good feeling. This is simply an awesome part of recruiting.
  1. Money. Isn’t that a surprise!? While it is sometimes overwhelming to dive into recruiting, or even stay in recruiting, after a few up and down years of getting into the swing of it, the money it can provide is definitely a bonus. If you hone your skills, proactively pursue your clients and candidates by getting to know them and what makes them tick, recruiting can provide real financial freedom. The numbers definitely work for me. And as another colleague of mine says, “it’s hard not to love the earning potential.”

These are some of the things that keep us in the biz. I’m sure that you, too, have your fair share of reasons to do what you do. If you’re feeling in a slump or a little unsure of what you’re doing, I hope you can connect with others in your industry soon. Chances are you just need a bit of a creative boost.