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We know you have several options when it comes to technology recruiting and staffing services. At True Source, we’ve remained tight-knit by design, which helps us maintain a uniquely authentic relationship focus in every aspect of our business. The world of technology has more than enough bots, algorithms, and artificiality – we emphasize the human side, and it’s served us well.

How we work

True Source’s comprehensive screening and recruiting process yields candidates you won’t find through conventional means. Our recruiters guarantee that these candidates are high-performance individuals who have proven themselves during their careers.

Contract services

True Source Contract Services is a tremendous solution for companies that often experience fluctuations with their technical resource needs or have an unexpected hole that requires quick patching. Our team will work to understand your company’s technical requirements and culture and provide rapid access to quality consultants. True Source understands that these members of your team will play an integral role in your company’s growth and success.

Plus, we take the HR load off your team by providing:

  • Background checks
  • Payroll generation and distribution
  • Payroll tax withholding
  • State and federal reporting requirements
  • Employer related insurance and benefits administration


True Source Contract-to-Hire Services are Contract Services, with the exception that your goal is to hire the True Source consultant at a defined point in the future. Contract-to-Hire allows you to assess the work performance of a consultant before making a formal offer of full-time employment. This approach not only allows your company to ‘test the waters’ with a consultant but also allows the consultant to acclimate to your company prior to converting.

Our team will find the right candidate and partner with you to set up the terms:

  • Negotiate hourly rates
  • Define contract timeframe
  • Determine date for conversion to full-time
  • Set minimum number of hours prior to conversion

Direct hire

As technologies continue to evolve at breakneck pace, it becomes challenging to stay up-to-speed with the IT sector. True Source Direct Hire Services act, not only as a solution, but a powerful tool for your company. Our partnership approach enables us to quickly identify your needs, culture, and budget and actively recruit top candidates who will be a lasting fit with your company.

Our direct hire services provide an essential boost to in-house HR teams by offering:

  • Dedicated recruiting team
  • Deep understanding of the IT landscape
  • Relationships with top talent who may not currently be in a job search
  • Fee percentage and guarantee provision if the candidate does not meet expectations

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