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What are the advantages to using a technology staffing service to find a new job?

The job market can feel like a great big unknown. By working with True Source, you will have your own experienced advocate who will listen to your ambitions and develop an understanding of your skill set and career goals. We work to efficiently help you evaluate fits and leverage our established relationships, leading to higher-quality feedback and results.

Working with your recruiter

Build a relationship with your recruiter so they can be an effective resource for you, providing value throughout every step of the process and helping you land your dream job.

Tips for building the relationship:

  • Make sure your resume is up to date
  • Be clear and honest about your needs and wants
  • Meet your recruiter face-to-face
  • Communicate about timing and other opportunities in the works

Preparing for interviews

Once you have a potential opportunity lined up, brush up on your interview skills with this helpful list of tips.

Tips to a successful interview:

  • Do your homework – Be sure to understand the company’s history, current situation and future plans before you start the interview.
  • Be confident – Have a thorough understanding of both the position you are interviewing for and the ways you are uniquely qualified to perform the necessary responsibilities. Present this information with confidence and conviction.
  • Close on a high note – Now is your time to ask any questions you may have. Additionally, be sure to highlight any information about yourself that was not elicited previously.
  • Talk to your recruiter – We can provide insight on the interview process and other details about the client to prepare for your interview so you can knock it out of the park.

After the interview

Following your interview, True Source will act as the conduit between you and the company, communicating and scheduling any next steps.

Next steps after getting an offer:

  • Work with your recruiter to solidify pay rate
  • Learn about benefits
  • Determine start date
  • Get help with counter offers and resignation
  • Sign appropriate documents
  • Get excited about your new position!

Get connected with a recruiter

If you haven’t applied for a position with True Source, we’d love to get your resume on file and connect you with a recruiter.

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